Conquering fears and jumping to new heights!

Hello, hello!

Happy middle-of-the-week day that just happens to have a slightly overplayed but mostly awesome insurance commercial involving a camel! 🙂


I have big news!

Okay, fine, maybe I’m the only one who thinks it’s big. But, I’m telling you anyway.

I did 24” box jumps today!!!

(See what I did there? Big news? Tall box jumps? No? *le sigh*)

If you remember, I wasn’t doing them for a while because of my injury and it was a little difficult for me to get back on the box jump train because I was scared.  Pain tends to do that to a person. Well, before my injury, I was only doing 20” box jumps.  There was something about the 24” that just made me nervous.  Complete and total mental block.  So, I was just stoked that I was able to overcome the post-injury fear and get back to doing 20” box jumps – no pain, no fear.  And then I saw the WOD today.


O. M. G.

And, because there were only 10 to do, the prescribed height for ladies was 24”.

So, I grabbed the box and I set it up.  I did my “measuring” trick – okay, I’m sure this is weird but I’ll “measure” the height by putting one foot on the box just to “feel” height and then I’m ready to jump – but was just too scared.  My brain kept getting in the way and telling me it was too high for me to make. I talked to Coach Tracy and she suggested trying a running jump.  I did a couple of those – um, weird – and then just figured I would do step-ups if my brain got back in the way.

I made my way through the workout – I should mention how much I hate burpees lately.  HATE. Seriously, it’s like I’m in slow motion when I do them. What is up with THAT? – and I got to the box jumps.  I was totally WIPED out – I kipped all the pull-ups, btw! GO ME!  I looked at the box and decided to do a running box jump instead of a step up and then I stepped down.  Then, I looked at the box, got ready, jumped as hard as I could, grunted like Monica Seles wishes she could and JUMPED ONTO THE BOX!  It’s all in the war cry!!  I knocked out my 10 in no time and just like that, fear obliterated, back-talky brain shoved aside, and I nailed a PR!


Okay, so, it might have also had something to do with the socks.


Do you even know how hard it is to take a picture of the back of your legs? The things I do for you people! 🙂

Sometimes a girl just has to wear tall socks. 🙂

Questions: How do you conquer your workout fears?  Do you have any? Have you conquered any? Let me hear your war cry!