Things that made me laugh this week…




I don’t know about you but this has been a crazy, ridiculous, tough, and LOOOOONG week. I am BEYOND happy that it’s Friday.

crazy happy pup

I made it to the 5am CrossFit class every day this week and did some extra running after a few of the classes. Physically, I’m wiped out and I’m looking forward to resting. I was planning on running or something tomorrow but, you know what, that ain’t happening. NOPE.

When I get over-tired after a long work week and a long workout week, I really need things that make me laugh. And then, when you toss in additional stressors (sorry, can’t share just yet but SOON! I promise.), laughter is even more important. Did you know that laughter can help relieve stress?! It really can! It’s been scientifically proven! Check out this article from the Mayo Clinic about it.

So, because I like to make other people laugh – or even just smile – I’ve decided to share some of the things that have made me laugh this week.

Okay, technically this is from last week but I haven’t deleted the email and it still makes me smile. I don’t know who does the money managing in your house but, with a deploying sailor as a husband, I’ve kinda taken on that job. It’s not a big deal – I pay the bills, etc. We each have our own “fun money” accounts and I did my norm and moved money around and shot my sailor an email telling him he got his “allowance.” Haha! Anyway, his response? He sent me this:

I love that man. ❤

This one has been making its rounds on Facebook. Are you a Muppet fan? I’m a HUGE Muppet fan. The Muppet Show was one of my favorites when I was growing up, right next to The Carol Burnett Show, and to this day, if I see a program with one of my old Muppet pals on it, I’ll stop and watch. So, you know I was snagged with this video – hook, line, and sinker. 🙂

Ah, Kermie. 🙂

Now, this next one you may not be familiar with. My grandmother introduced me to him – not in real life, silly. via the television! – and, I’ve loved watching him ever since. I even have a video – on VHS (gasp!) – of one of his shows. Victor Borge, aka the Clown Prince of Denmark. Well, he’s an accomplished pianist but he’s also a comedian. PBS runs highlights of his shows on occasion and, if I catch one on, I always sit down to watch. And, interestingly enough, that happened this week. Apparently, he knew I needed him. 🙂

Question: What has made you laugh this week?