Weekend recap – running, hiking, and grilling, oh my!

Hi there!

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! (if you got one – I know not everyone had 3 blissful days off)  Are you back at work today?

Our weekend was pretty good!

We kicked off the 4th with parts of Hurricane Arthur blowing through and dumping some rain on us but we didn’t really get too much. I hope wherever you were was safe!

Then, Friday turned out to be a pretty decent day! We still kept our celebrating low-key because I had a long run Saturday morning and I wanted to be ready.

I totally broke all the rules of running on Saturday and wore new shoes, new inserts, and new gear. For 14.25 miles.

I just got this Nathan Intensity Hydration Vest from Road Runner Sports and I was super excited to try it out! 🙂


It holds 2 liters of water (which is A LOT!) and has all sorts of room for nutritionals, ID cards, and my phone.

I seriously don’t know what took me so long to get it. I LOVED it. I thought it would bounce – it didn’t. I thought it would chafe – it didn’t. I thought it would be uncomfortable – it wasn’t.

It had two pockets on the straps that were super easy access for my gels and gummies and my phone. Finally, no fumbling around trying to find what I want in my waist pouch (that may or may not be sitting in the small of my back) while still trying to run. No bouncing belts around my hips, continuously sliding up to my waist forcing me to fidget with it all the time. Easy access to the drink nozzle – SO EASY to use! It’s love. I may wear it all the time.

Saw this at a house in my neighborhood. I hope they’re going through a bathroom remodel…..


it’s like an outhouse but just the “out”

I love running around my town. There’s not much about it I don’t like. 🙂




After my run, my sailor and I had to run some errands. We grabbed some lunch while we were out. We stopped at the Freemason Abbey Restaurant in Norfolk because it sounded interesting and we’d never been there before. The restaurant used to be a church! It was beautiful, both inside and out.


Crab cake with fresh veggies and wild rice. Om Nom Nom!

Later, we grilled up some steaks, peppers, and pineapple for dinner. So good!



On Sunday, we decided to go on a little hike. And by little, I mean almost 9 1/2 miles.

We went out to the Great Dismal Swamp and hiked out to Lake Drummond, one of only two natural lakes in Virginia. We saw lots of flora and fauna. Thankfully, no bears.  Or bobcats. 🙂


Dragonflies and damselflies were definitely plentiful! As well as big ole horseflies, biting flies, bees, and other things that are a little annoying.



This Great Blue Heron played hide and seek with us for about a mile and a half. It was fun to try and get into good picture taking range without scaring him off.



When we finally made it to Lake Drummond, we learned that it was discovered in either 1665 or 1755 by the first colonial Governer of North Carolina, William Drummond. Yes, those two years are VERY different. After further investigation, he discovered it in 1665 – this became apparent when we learned that he died in 1677. Anyway, the lake has 9 miles of shore line, averages 3-4 feet in depth, and at its deepest is 6-7 feet. The water was seriously calm. Didn’t see any birds or anything. 😦


Just cheezin’ out at the lake.

These trees were right by the observation point. So beautiful!


trees in lake


This little guy thought he was being sneaky. 😉


yellow butterfly

Not too bad for our hike. I paused my watch while we were hanging out at the lake but kept it going even if we were stopping to take pictures.


When we got home, I started making dinner and my sailor made me an Old Fashioned. Yummy!


I grilled us a couple of pizzas – one with tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, and bacon and the other with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil,olive oil, garlic, and a little bit of bacon.  *gobble gobble gobble*



Talk to me: What did you grill this weekend? Have you ever grilled a pizza? Do you like hiking? What would you do if you saw a bear?

– jennifer