Superstitions and the best cookies I ever made. Seriously.


Happy Friday!

friday 13th


You know, I didn’t even realize until yesterday that today was Friday the 13th.

It’s a good thing I’m not superstitious!

Hell, I’ve even owned a black cat before!

Yeah, Midnight's totally hanging out in my old doll house. Catzilla!

Yeah, Midnight’s totally hanging out in my old doll house. Catzilla!

I ain’t skeered.

Actually, 13 is kind of my lucky number.

Weird, right?

Well, when I was a kid, I played softball for many years in a community league.

My dad coached, my mom was team mom, my sister also played.

I played outfield and 2nd base.

The year I wore #13, I hit 5 home runs.

Like, out of the park home runs.

Like, I made it home before they made it to the ball home runs.


It was pretty awesome.

And then next year, I had a different number and no home runs. 😦

Do you know what I just realized? (I mean, besides the fact that it’s Friday the 13th)

My marathon counter shows 30 days until the marathon.

30 DAYS!!!!!

I really feel like I should go for a run!

Except today’s a rest day.

I’ve got 16 miles on the books for tomorrow.


And it’s supposed to rain.


Did I mention it’s cold?


We’ll see how that goes. I absolutely CANNOT miss any long runs from this point forward.

OH! And, I’m officially running Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon in May with Carla!


I sure do love running with her. 🙂


So, getting broken in Mississippi is not an option. NOT.

I made the most amazing cookies on Wednesday!


Yesterday, I was dealing with getting my car fixed otherwise I would have told you about them then.

But, they’re totally worth the wait!

I’d LOVE to take credit for the recipe but, alas, someone else is the genius.

Story of my life.

Michelle at the Brown Eyed Baker is the genius.


I mean, really.

Peanut butter.


Chocolate Chips.

All in ONE amazing cookie.

You have to make them.

You MUST make them.

You must try not to eat them all in one day.

Question: What Christmas traditions does your family have?

We go out for “breakfast for dinner” on Christmas eve. New town, new place – hopefully, we find one! Gotta keep our tradition alive!

– jennifer