Weekly workout recap – or that week I got to run again!


Another week of workouts in the books!

This week was actually pretty difficult but pretty awesome at the same time. 🙂


I had originally planned on hopping on the treadmill in the morning but when my alarm went off, I just wasn’t feeling it. My nose was all runny and my eyes were itchy and I was cold. So, I reset my alarm and got a few more Zs.

Blew my nose pretty much all day long and considered taking a nap at one point. Pretty sure that would have been frowned upon at my office. So, I took some Emergen-C instead. 🙂

6pm CrossFit


Holy. Cow.

Whoever programmed this WOD was out for punishment.

It looks pretty unassuming on the surface.

But, when you’re actually doing it? Well, that’s a whole different story.

Thank goodness I took that Emergen-C!

I set up my bar with 165# for the deadlifts. There were quite a few of us so we were sharing rings and bands (used a thin red band) and wall balls (14#).

That’s where I started. Wall balls.

You know what? 30 minutes is a looooonnnnnggg time.

30 minutes of 40 deadlifts, 80 ring dips, and 120 wall balls.

Those wall balls were making me lightheaded and the 165# deadlifts did not get any lighter and I’m pretty sure the minutes got shorter.

Relieved would be a good word to describe how I felt when time was called. Exhausted would be a GREAT word to describe how that WOD made me feel.


Again considered getting up for an AM elliptical workout but decided against it. I only felt like a tiny little slacker so I’m pretty sure I needed to stay in bed.

Thank goodness I did.

6pm CrossFit


Seriously, people. 2 ridiculous workouts in as many days?!

I was still pretty sore from Monday – my triceps were sore, my hamstrings were sore, my whole body was sore.

We did burpees and air squats as our warm-up and those were plenty difficult.

CrossFit – where the warm-up can be as difficult as the workout. Haha!

I really, really, really wanted to run the 400s but chickened out and opted for the row instead. Seriously, runners have it easy sometimes. Running and rowing are so NOT the same thing!

So, for this WOD, you had to do 3 rounds of Cindy in each round. But, you couldn’t just knock out the 15 pull ups, 30 push ups, and 45 air squats all at one time. Nope, you had to go in order – 5, 10, 15, 5, 10, 15, 5, 10, 15. Honestly, I think that’s the best way to break that up anyway.

I kipped every single one of my pull ups. That’s 75!!! I was able to consistently string together the first 3 and then the next 2. Sometimes, I got 4 in a row. I think I might have gotten all 5 in a row one time during that first round.

I did every single push up on my knees. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do them all Rx and my triceps were hurting anyway. I decided to go for good form over Rx with bad form.

I finished in 40:22 and I was a big ole sweaty mess. Holy cow what a burner!

These past two workouts have really tested my mental strength – kinda like a long run does. I was tired, both physically and mentally (end of a long work day) and I wanted to stop and just curl up into a ball but I didn’t. I pushed through it. The reward was on the other side – a sense of accomplishment and knowledge that I worked hard. 🙂


AM Garage workout


I did it!! I made it out of bed for a spin on my elliptical!

Man, were my legs sore, though!

I opted for a slightly less strenuous workout – just something to get the blood flowing and help stretch my legs. I did a basic 30 minute workout but bumped the incline up to 20%.

Felt pretty good when I was done although I was still a little stiff when I was stretching.


I need to run. I want to run. I think I’m ready to run.

Interestingly enough, tonight’s WOD includes running……hmmmm…….

6pm CrossFit


We started off with strength – 5 rounds of 5 reps of Pendlay Rows.

I’ve never done Pendlay Rows before. Heck, I’d never ever heard of them so I YouTubed it.

They were interesting. And definitely not easy!

Then, the WOD.

5 minutes of hell Burpees and then a mile run for time.

Yep, a RUN! Not a ROW!

I decided to run!! OMG, I was so excited!!!

I was so excited about the running that I didn’t even CARE about the burpees!

Of which I did 50, btw.

5 minutes of burpees is a long time and a LOT of burpees.

Then, we headed out the door for the run.



It is possible that I ran a little faster than I should have (7:55) but I felt like I had a good, smooth, easy, steady pace. Yes, I probably should have run slower but I felt like I was going so slowly already! And my foot felt pretty good!

I was definitely a happy girl. 😀

I plan on resting my foot on Thursday and doing nothing. There’s running in the WOD on Friday and I’m going to play it by ear.


Rest day


Ginny had to go to the vet in the morning for her comprehensive exam and that’s a drop off appointment. So, I’ll be picking her up after work which leaves out CrossFit. Plus, I had to leave earlier to get her there and still make it on time to work so, no morning garage workout for me!

But, that’s okay. I need to rest my foot.

Now, let’s talk about my foot.

I’m not sure. My foot feels a little stiff (I guess that’s the best word) but it doesn’t really hurt. Maybe it’s a tiny bit achey but maybe I’m just focusing too much on it. Maybe I’m just stressed out about it. Maybe I shouldn’t have run a 7:55. I don’t know.

It’s not swollen and it doesn’t hurt. I’m probably just over-sensitive and worried. Definitely glad I’m resting it today and I may row instead of run in tomorrow’s WOD, just to be safe. We’ll see.


6pm CrossFit

This workout…

that whole “not for time” business makes it seem easier and more laid back….

but, yeah, this one was something else.


Snuck up on you.


Basically, it was bench press, row, spot your partner, bench press, row, spot your partner, bench press, row, spot your partner…..etc

I started with 75# but failed at rep 8 in my first round, went and did my row, and then came back to spot my partner.

I decided to drop my weight down to 70# even though the board said to pick a weight and stick with it. I didn’t intentionally pick too heavy a weight – I wasn’t sure what I could do and just started with 75#.

I finished out the whole workout at 70#.

As the bench press reps got smaller, the row got harder and harder.

This one was a surprising lung burner!

Then, we did the 400m run for time.

Everyone else sprinted, I just ran.

My time didn’t matter to me, the actual act of running was what made me happy. 🙂

And, my foot felt pretty good. The stiffness that I felt on Wednesday/early Thursday went away.

I’m definitely going to take it easy getting back into running but I really loved the little bits of running I had this week. 🙂


Rest day.

Because of all the cardio and the running yesterday.

Okay, honestly, my iPod wasn’t charged and I didn’t want to elliptical without music.

That’s pretty bad, isn’t it? #dontjudgeme

Talk to me: What did your week of workouts look like? Have any surprisingly tough workouts? Did you do anything that made you blissfully happy?

– jennifer