Sometimes I’m quiet….

Hi there!

Some days I just don’t have the words.

I mean, I have the words – I just have nothing to say.

So, sometimes I’m quiet.

Okay, honestly, I’m mostly quiet.

Reflective. Observant.

Except when I’m mad.

But, even then, I can be quiet. Dangerously quiet.

Always be wary of the quiet redhead. #justsayin

(ps – I’m not angry. Just quiet.) 🙂


Thing 2 all dressed up for prom!


Made this meat sauce last night. Holy. Yum.


that face


kitty nose


find Ginny


Saw this in Cincinnati. Um…..what the?



Talk to me: Are you quiet? What about when you’re mad?

The weekend – a story in photographs

Hello, hello!

What a beautiful weekend we had! I hope you were able to enjoy it as much as we did. We spent most of both days outside and loving every minute of it. 🙂


I had planned on more than 8 1/2 miles but hey, I stopped and helped a guy PUSH HIS CAR at mile 7 1/2. Figured that counted for at least 3 miles worth of work. 🙂


Just supervising some yard work.


Lunchtime refreshment. Not too shabby!


Got my Spring planting on!


Our front patio. We’ll see how this green thumb business goes. *fingers crossed*


I am queen of Dog-Opoly! Rawr!


Taking grilled cheese to a whole new level. Om nom nom!



Happy doggy!




beef bone > tennis ball


Mango BBQ Chicken! (recipe tomorrow!!)





Yummy! I’ll tell you all about it on Wine Wednesday! 🙂

Talk to me: What did you do this weekend? Were you able to enjoy the weather? Did you grill? Did you remember to apply sunscreen? 🙂

– jennifer

Exciting News Friday!

Hello, hello!

Happy Friday!!

I have some exciting news!!!

(Did you notice how the exclamation points increased each time?)

I’m headed to my first Fitness Blogging conference!!!! (see, I did it again!)

I’m off to FitBloggin’ 14 in June.

So. Stinking. Excited.

I finally get to meet up with my blogging friend, Lena from Lean Lena! (Seriously, if you haven’t stopped by her blog, you MUST. Right now. Go. I’ll wait.)


Hey, welcome back!

See, I told you I would wait! 🙂

Anyway, we’re going to network, meet new people, learn, and have a great time and I CAN. NOT. WAIT.

And that’s not the only bit of exciting news I have!

We’re finally getting a fence!! WHOOP!!!


Wait. You don’t think that’s exciting? Well, YOU are welcome to come over and take my dogs out on a leash for their middle of the night emergency potty break while it’s snowing/sleeting/raining and it’s 10 degrees and then tell me a fence isn’t exciting.


We’ve been wanting one since we moved in – okay we didn’t have one at the house in Florida but we were renters and weren’t willing to pay for a fence for someone else’s house – but, you know what? Fences are pretty darned expensive! I mean, we knew it wasn’t going to be cheap – we just weren’t prepared for the big number we got at our initial assessment.

But, the day has come and it’s TUESDAY!

Tuesday is the day I get to let my dogs out in the back yard and I can go back inside the house and they can stay out and roam around and PLAY.

They’re pretty excited. Really. I told them about it and they both wagged their tails. That’s puppy dog joy right there. Or maybe they just thought I was going to give them a treat or something. Whatever. They’re happy.

dog wagging tail

Talk to me: Are you going to FitBloggin?  Have you been before? Tell me all about it! Do you have dogs? Do you have a fenced yard? Why didn’t anyone tell me fences were that expensive?!

– jennifer