Smashed fingers are not as fun as smashed taters. Just sayin’.

Hello, hello!

There’s only 1 week left until Christmas!


It’s been a heckuva week already.

I totally rested up on Sunday after my long run on Saturday.

And then, on Monday, I did some cross-training in the back yard.


28 bags.

Twenty. Eight.

Oh, and this happened too.


Actually, that happened BEFORE the 28 bags.

The garage door tried to gobble my fingers up.

There was lots of cussing.


Hey, what did you expect? I AM the daughter of a sailor, veteran sailor, wife of a sailor, and mother of a sailor. Don’t judge me.

They’re healing but it’s going to take some time.

At least my middle finger is no longer as big as a big toe.

Yes, I really raked up 28 bags of leaves with 2 smashed fingers.

Yes, I’m crazy.

But, my yard looks so much nicer now! 🙂


Yesterday, I went out for a quick tempo/hill run and felt every little bit of Monday’s yard work.


So thankful today’s a rest day.

Gives me more time to play with my new toy.



Thank goodness it doesn’t hurt to type!

Oh, and Thing 2 and I need to decorate these.


Om nom nom!

Question: What’s your favorite shape of Christmas cookie?

Mine would have to be the stockings. Can’t explain why. 🙂

– jennifer