Stay Alive with these running safety tips!


Happy weekend! 🙂

So, I totally killed my 10 mile run yesterday.


It was awesome!

Okay, so it really wasn’t super awesome.  My brain is not a nice person sometimes.

It kept telling me that I couldn’t do it.

Psshht.  I told it to shut up cuz my body was in charge.

I whoop whooped every time my watch dinged every mile after 5 miles.

Yes, I’m a dork. 🙂  But it was a huge confidence boost for me!

Now, I’m looking forward to longer runs!

Of course, that means I’ll have to get up early while the weather is still warm so I can knock out as many miles possibly before it gets warm.

So, I’ll be running in the dark,

Which is fine.  I actually like that.  It’s peaceful.

But, it can also be dangerous.

Because, while you may be paying attention, that person who’s up early after not a great night of sleep may NOT be paying attention.

Or, while you’re up early and out running, maybe someone else has been out all night partying (or working – definitely not discounting the graveyard shift folks) and they’re tired.

So, what can you do to help keep yourself safe while you’re out getting your run on?

Well, first, I recommend losing the iPod.  I don’t run with one because I like to hear what’s going on around me.

If you absolutely must have the tunes (which, I totally get, btw), then at least only use one ear bud.  Keep one ear free for listening to what’s going on around you.

Second, run FACING traffic.

If you run with traffic, you’re never going to have the chance to dodge the car that’s hugging the edge of the road.

If I’m going to get hit by a car, I’d prefer to have the opportunity to get away and save my life.  Wouldn’t you?


Seriously, don’t go out in the dark wearing your dark clothes and expect to be seen.

OMG, when we lived in Maryland, I used to see this guy out running sometimes when I was running – well, I would BARELY see him because he would be wearing ALL BLACK, no reflective gear outside what comes on your shoes, and he would run WITH traffic!


Seriously, he must have had a death wish or something.

Me, however, I was usually lit up like a Christmas tree.

I kinda prefer living.

And being seen when I’m out pounding the miles.

There’s LOADS of reflective and safety gear out on the market.

Okay, okay, fine.  Maybe it’s not all the most fashionable and cute stuff but, um, dead ain’t cute either.

Stayin’ alive is the name of the game!

And I give you –

the  reflective vest!


Or, if you don’t prefer the full vest, you can always just do the reflective belt.



Do you remember snap bracelets?  Well, there’s actually such a thing as reflective snap bands!  I wear mine around my arms but you can certainly wear them around your ankles, if you prefer.

I’ve done that.  I have the marks to prove it.  And, that’s why I wear them around my arms.


For Christmas last year, my sailor got me some Knuckle Lights.  I. LOVE. THEM.

They are so easy!  You just strap them around your fingers and they sit on your knuckles.


I used to wear a head lamp.  I had 2 main issues with it – when I sweat (which is ALWAYS), it wants to slide down my head and it’s a limited lit up area.  I have to really turn my head to use the light to look to the sides or anything.  I mean, that’s fine but the knuckle lights give me so much more light and flexibility with what I can shine the light on.


Plus, they’re really bright!

They have 3 settings – super bright, bright, and flashing bright.  The on/off button is on the top of each one, easily reached by your thumb.  I highly recommend them!

Of course, there have been times when I’ve been out running wearing my vest, arm bands, reflective key strap around my ankle AND knuckle lights and people STILL want to try and hit me.

I don’t know if they’re just drawn to me like a bug to the light or if they’re just not paying attention.

You can take all the precautions in the world but you can’t make OTHER people do what they should.

So, my last recommendation is PAY ATTENTION, PEOPLE!

Never, ever, EVER expect that a driver is going to see you and that they are going to do what they are supposed to.

Be safe out there!

Questions:  What precautions do you take to stay safe while running?  What’s the craziest unsafe thing you’ve seen a runner do?

– jennifer