The final destination & a home-cooked meal

Hello! Happy Tuesday!

So, we made it to our final destination yesterday.


Thank goodness! I was really tired of driving and the kitties were really tired of being in kitty jail (kennels in the car).

We took our time because Thing 2 was driving her car and this was her first long mileage trip. She did great though! And, bonus, the scenery along the way was pretty fabulous! Sorry, no pictures. Hey, I was driving! Can’t be taking pictures while I’m driving, you know.

Pay no attention to that “Welcome to Virginia” sign. My camera took that picture all by itself.

So, because hotels are awesome and fun (sarcasm), we’re staying in one for a couple more weeks. We close on the house next Friday!!


How cute is that?!

So, right now we’re staying in an Extended Stay hotel. It has a kitchenette!


No more takeout!


We hit the grocery store today and I got us stocked up. It may not be “home” but I have to make it feel that way! And honestly, eating out all the time is definitely unhealthy and expensive.

Ginny gives the couch her stamp of approval.


Oh!!!! And the best part about this place? The fitness center!!


This one has awesome equipment! Two treadmills, a bike, an elliptical, dumbbells up to 50# and that contraption that allows weight bearing exercises like pull ups and squats. Love!

I knocked oyt a 10k on the treadmill this morning. 🙂

I can see me spending a lot of time in there. #sweatissexy

So, now we’re dealing with school registration and the normal “we’ve just moved into the area” figuring out of things and directions, etc.

And, there’s a Harris Teeter nearby! Definitely didn’t have THAT in Florida. Look at this cute box of pasta I found!


Question: What’s your favorite part of discovering a new town?

– jennifer