Leg day + hills = owie


Happy Thursday!

Are you enjoying your short week?  Maybe it’s just me but this short week hasn’t been as vicious as most short weeks tend to be. Has yours been good?

So, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that speed work did NOT happen on Tuesday.

I could still barely even walk right from Monday’s workout so sprinting was definitely OUT of the question.

But, I did run.


I even did hills!

It took about 3 miles before I even felt normal.  Not sure I ever really looked normal though.

No comments from the peanut gallery, please. 😉

I was generally okay going up the hills but going down them was a chore.

My booty was not pleased.

And, because it was a lovely day, there were PLENTY of people out in the park to giggle at my lumbering stride when I hit the downhills.


I’m just glad it was nice enough for a t-shirt and shorts!


I am runner, see me sweat

Take THAT, old man winter!

Then, yesterday, I hit the 5:30 pm CrossFit class.

I was so thankful to see that squats and lunges weren’t on the menu. 🙂


But, I figured those burpees were going to be a little tough – what with the squatting down and all that jazz.

I was a little nervous about the power cleans seeing as I hadn’t done a clean in a few months.

Luckily, part of our mobility was stretching and working the muscles needed for those cleans and then practicing them a little.

My hips were a little tight (go figure) and I was a little off-balance at the start but muscle memory took over and I got the movement right.

I did the WOD with 65# and modified the hand stand push-ups to push-ups off the box.

Managed to finish in 11:05 and I only have a small bruise on one collarbone.

And the burpees didn’t break me. 🙂

I really like it at this box so far. Everyone has been really friendly, I feel welcome and comfortable and I’ve like the coach to athlete ratio.

I’m looking forward to growing and improving there.

Tonight’s workout is a tempo run. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly shorts and t-shirt weather today. 😦

Well played, old man. Well played.

Talk to me: Do you think I should take the advice from the Dove Dark Chocolate Promises? 🙂


– jennifer

Trackless Tuesday & the kindness of a stranger

Hi there!

So, again, here I sit staring out the window waiting for the snow to fall.


Yesterday, it was almost 60 degrees.

It’s presently 22 degrees, feels 11 and about 5 inches of snow are in the forecast.

Then, we’re supposed to be back up to the 50s by Saturday.

This place has crazy weather. Crazy, I say.

Luckily, I was able to get my speedwork done this morning.

I was really anxious and apprehensive about it for some reason.

Here’s what I had on my schedule:


One problem.

I don’t have access to a track. 😦

Turns out that the local high school track isn’t open to the public.

It’s a little difficult, without defined measurements, to know how far those distances are when you’re running on the streets.

My Garmin is awesome but it doesn’t accommodate all that.

So, I knew I had to change it up but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.

Plus, I knew it was going to be cold and I guess I was a little gun-shy about that given my foray into the world of hypothermia on my long run this past Saturday.

I darn near talked myself out of it before I even got out of bed!

But, like all people who are addicted to their phones and social media (don’t judge me), I tweeted about my apprehension before I got up and almost immediately got a response.


Who is this person and why was she up so early?!

And, honestly, her response helped. A LOT. As soon as I read it, I was motivated to run.

And, I don’t even know her!

All too often we tear each other down with negative words, criticisms and hatred. For what? What purpose does that serve? None. All it does is hurt people.

Love and support are what we ALL deserve. And what we should ALL give to each other.

Life is so much happier that way.

And her support – the support and confidence of a stranger – got me out the door this morning. And for that, I owe her.

Thanks, @caffeineyesplz!

So, I figured out how to change up my workout to fit my needs this morning.


(I completed each one with a 400 rest interval.)

Phew! That was a tough one! Here’s how I did:

1200 – 5:30

800 – 3:33

800 – 3:36

400 – 1:43

400 – 1:49

And then, I finished with a 1.5 mile cool down.


Although, it was pretty cold so it didn’t take much for me to “cool down.” Haha! No hypothermia or frost nip, though. Thank goodness!

Today is Day #2 of the #CoreCommit Core Power Challenge!


We had a 10 minute video to follow.

Holy. Moly.

I’m definitely going to be feeling today’s workout tomorrow!

Did you sign up yesterday? I hope so!

And, I’ve got another challenge for you, too!

The saying goes that “there’s a sucker born every minute” and I think my name is topping that list today.

FitFluential is doing a 1,000 Burpee challenge and, because my picture is next to the word “sucker” in the dictionary, I’m doing that one too!



Besides buffness (yes, that’s a word. just go with it.), the potential prize is a head-to-toe look from Under Armour!

Are you in? 🙂

Talk to me: I’m looking for cold weather running socks to help keep my poor little tootsies warm. Do you have a favorite brand?

– jennifer

Track(less) Tuesday & a winter storm, maybe.

Hi there!

So, I’m totally sitting here by the window waiting for it to snow.


Except, it’s 44 degrees and sunny outside.

Generally, in my opinion, that’s not snow weather.

Even if we don’t get any snow, it’s definitely going to get cold so I stocked up on firewood.


And, I just learned that this storm has a name?! Janus. And apparently, he’s a mean one.

Again, it’s 44 degrees and sunny.  Hm.

Are you affected by Janus?

Can I have some snow?

Just a little. I’m not really in the mood to shovel but an inch or two would be nice. And so pretty! I mean, we’ve been living in Florida. The panhandle definitely gets cold during the winter but snow? Um, no. It’s nice to be back in an area where snow is a possibility. I kinda love it.



So, anywho, I had some speed work on my calendar today.

800 meter repeats in 3:37 each.

I figured out my Garmin (really, it was SO easy that I feel really ridiculous for waiting 3 years to do it. really, I’m not resistant to change!) and set my lap to 1/4 mile.

I would prefer to do these at the track but I neglected to call the school and find out if their track is open to the public and what the hours are. So, I ran my 800s in my neighborhood.

The original workout called for a 2 minute rest interval between each but, that was too much for me to figure out and I certainly wasn’t going to wear 2 (!) watches – one for time and one for distance. So, I dropped back and punted and came up with a 1/4-mile rest interval.

Hey, my watch dinged every 1/4-mile so it made sense! I just did what my watch told me to. It was like I had my own personal coach! 🙂

I warmed up with a mile, did 4×800 with 400 rest intervals and finished with just over a mile cool down. Hey, I had to get back home!


That last 800 darn near kicked my butt! I really had to push myself. Thank goodness there were only 4 this time!

I ended up doing 3 loops around my ‘hood so, if any of my neighbors were watching, I’m pretty sure they think I’m bonkers.

That’s fine.

According to the totally bizarre dream I had last night, I am.

Don’t judge me.

Talk to me: When was the last time you made a snowman? Or a snow angel? Or a snow fort?

– jennifer