Five on Friday!


It’s Friday!

Friday puppy

I love Fridays.

Actually, I love Saturdays more because that means my long run is DONE but Fridays are pretty awesome.

And so is wine.

I love wine.


Sometimes, I love wine a little too much.

But, we won’t talk about those mornings.

Yesterday, I skipped my tempo run, rested my aching & freaking out muscles (hello, no CrossFit for 4 months and suddenly, BOOM!, I’m back in it. You KNOW my muscles aren’t pleased.) and enjoyed a lovely glass of wine with dinner.


I also love Justin’s nut butters.


I’m not addicted to them at all. Nope.

Finally made it to the Fresh Market near my house and stocked up!

Except, that was Monday and now it’s Friday and I’m just about out again. :/


What else do I love? COOKIES!!!!!

I mean, really, what’s not to love?


I even love the ugly cookies. Somebody has to.

And then, of course, there’s my love affair with bacon.


Don’t judge me.

I so totally love my fur babies.


Even though they shed all over the place and make it necessary to vacuum practically every single day. And  they frequently hog the couch and chairs and bed.

*le sigh*

But, they love me back. Unconditionally. (Or maybe they just use me for food? It’s fine. I’m easy.)

And they snuggle. Except for Eliza. She’s not a snuggler.


Talk to me: What do you love? 🙂

– jennifer