In the eye of the storm, I’d rather be silly than broke!

Hello! Happy Wednesday!


Although, I must admit, my Wednesday did not start off so happy.

Story time!

Yesterday, I drove home from work in a MAJOR thunderstorm. Like, seriously BAD! Pretty sure I spent a good amount of time in the eye. Lightning bolts, MULTIPLE flashes, HUGE and LOUD claps of thunder, tree debris all over the road and shrieks, not from the wind but my mouth! It was so scary!


Don’t worry – I was stopped at a red light. So scary!

I made it home safely. Phew!

I was exhausted so we had Chinese take-out for dinner. I sent Thing 2 to pick it up since I was still rattled by my drive home.


Why yes, that bowl of hot & sour soup DOES have my name on it. 🙂

Then, this morning, I hopped in my car to head to the 5am Crossfit class and my car did not want to go.

car no go

Christine (yes, I’ve named my car Christine – cuz she’s got personality!) started and the engine seemed to be running just fine – it was the driving part that was the problem. She didn’t want to back up without stalling and going around corners was a loud, difficult chore.

So, of course, I did what every responsible car parent is supposed to do – I freaked out! I went back home, parked her and took Thing 2’s car! I transferred all my stuff and got going. I might be a few minutes late but, hold on Crossfit, I’m coming!

Except for when I realized I left my office key at home. On my car keys. To the car that was parked at my house. *sigh*

So, I turned around and went back home. No Crossfit for me.

pouty face

So, my Sailor and I took the Christine to the shop. He drove and I followed in his truck. We got there, parked, and, as I was getting out of his truck, he backed up in my car and said, “I know what’s wrong.”


“It was in 4 wheel drive.”


Aaaand, cue feeling ridiculous for not noticing.

But, in my defense, I didn’t put it into 4 wheel drive so why would I think to check it?

Thing 2 must have put it in 4 Hi when she went to pick up the Chinese food because it started raining again and just forgot to put it back. 4 Hi doesn’t work so well in my car. But, hey! I live in Florida so I’m not in a rush to fix it.

Anyway, he put it back to 2 Hi and Christine drives like a champ!

And I feel silly!

But, I’m not broke!

And, I’d rather feel silly than broke.

The End!

Today’s post was supposed to be “The top 10 things I learned from running.” Clearly, that wasn’t meant to be. So, I give you –

Things I Learned from Driving Through the Eye of the Storm

1. I never, ever, ever want to do that again.
2. Really, I just have to repeat #1 – I never, ever, ever want to do that again! EVER!
3. Excessive amounts of water may be bad for your car’s electrical system and may cause your speedometer to quit working while you are driving. (Oh, did I mention that happened, too? Don’t worry, it’s all better.)
4. When it pours buckets and rains cats, dogs, cows, and tree branches, it’s probably best to pull over and wait it out, if you can. Don’t forget to take pictures! It helps to pass the time. 🙂
5. If your kid drives your car, make sure they know to put things back the way they were – especially if they change it to 4 wheel drive and your car doesn’t like driving in 4 wheel drive!
6. Make your kid drive her own car.
7. Move somewhere that has a Chinese place that delivers.


1. Have you ever driven in a severe thunderstorm? Were you scared? ME TOO!

2. Would you rather feel silly or be broke? I’ll take silly ANY day of the week!

AND, one of my kitties was featured on cats_of_instagram today! You can follow me on Instagram for random photos of my furry babies, food, and other stuff that strikes my fancy, if you want – I’m @ahungryrunner. 🙂

This is Eliza, named after Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. She's a hot mess but she cleans up nice. :)

This is Eliza, named after Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. She’s a hot mess but she cleans up nice. 🙂

– jennifer