Wine Wednesday – 2012 Drops of Jupiter

Hello, hello!

It’s Wednesday! Whoop, whoop!! 🙂

rule 2

So, my selection is a little different this week in that I did not get this bottle at my local grocery store.

I found it at the little wine market in my town.

Mike (the owner) even had a bottle open and I got to taste it first!

I love when I go in there – he has some really awesome wine (and he sells craft and random beer) and he usually has 2-3 bottles open that we can taste. I’ve also nabbed some really excellent chocolate there and some other fun snacks. 🙂

If you have a wine market (I mean, even Total Wine or a World Market would work) in your town and you haven’t checked it out yet, you definitely should. You’ll probably fall in love and never shop anywhere else! (unless, of course, you’re me and you want to do a weekly blog post about easy to find wines……but, you can’t be me because I’m already me so go be you and maybe shop at your local wine market!)

Anyway, this wine comes from the Save Me, San Franciso Wine Co. which was founded by the band Train.

Yes, that Train.

And they cleverly named it Drops of Jupiter! (all of their wine is named after their songs)


 Proceeds from the sale of their wines helps support Family House. Family House is a non-profit that helps provide temporary housing to family members of seriously ill children being treated at the University of California San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital.

I can totally get behind supporting organizations like that – I’ve done running fundraisers for Fisher House (same type of organization for military families) and have fundraised and have volunteered with the Ronald McDonald House. The bonus with this is you get a really nice bottle of wine in the process. Of course, if you’re in the San Francisco area and can physically volunteer, you should check this out for different volunteer opportunities.

This wine is available from their Web site for $12.00 – I think I spent about that much at my wine market.  So, it still meets my requirements!


The wine is a petite-sirah based blend (I did some research to see if I could find out the blend but was unsuccessful. Sneaky.) which gives it that beautiful dark color.


Take a big whiff and you get a noseful of delicious fruit and spicy pepper. Achoo! Just kidding, it’s not that peppery. 🙂

When you take your first sip, the berry flavor is full and bright in your mouth and the peppery goodness tickles the back of your throat. Petite sirahs can sometimes lack flavor on the back end (that’s basically when you’re swallowing) but this one doesn’t. It’s good from sip to swallow.


Enjoy with or without food, on your back or front porch, or in your dining room. Hell, open a bottle and drink a glass in bed, if you want. 🙂  It will pair excellently with many foods – we tend to prefer grilled meat and veggies. They suggest eggplant lasagna or chocolate cake. If you have chocolate cake, you could share. 😉



Talk to me: What’s your favorite Train song?

These opinions are totally my own. Neither Train nor anyone from Save Me, San Francisco or Family House asked me to review their wine or talk about their mission/cause. I just like wine.

– jennifer