Running, keeping logs and is there such a thing as too much honey?

Hello, hello!

Another day closer to Friday! 🙂

I did something “new” this morning. I went out for a run!


As you can see, I kept my pace slow and easy. I also really tried to pay attention to my body and what it was telling me.

Mostly, it was telling me it was too damn muggy and breathing moist air is NOT a good time. Blech!

muggy runner

At about mile 2, my right foot told me it hurt. I ignored it because I still had to get home.

My left hip seems fine. Which is good because THAT’S the issue that stopped me from running in the first place! I didn’t really feel any pain while I ran or after I was done.

Now, if only the my right foot would get with the program!

Breakfast was my power oatmeal.


I used cashew butter instead of peanut butter and added chopped walnuts for an extra burst of protein and some crunch! I may or may not have added extra honey because the lid to the honey jar may or may not have popped off while I was squeezing it. *sigh*


So, I was complaining about discussing all my ailments/injuries at Crossfit yesterday and how they may have been caused by my switch in running shoes and the use of a training log was brought up. I use a training log, especially when I’m ramping up for a race, to help keep track of my mileage and my workouts – it helps me stay on track with what I want to do.


Now, leading up to the Salt Lake City Marathon, I was working out a LOT. I was running lots of miles and hitting the gym regularly. I definitely had some aches and pains because, well, that’s what happens when you work out a lot. I just chalked it up to basic muscle soreness. I wrote all the workouts/runs down in my log but I neglected the “how did I feel” part of it. If I had been keeping track of how my body felt both before & after each workout, it’s possible I would have noticed pre-injury warning signs.

But, honestly, I’m sometimes hard pressed to even find make time to stretch after a run, so why would I think I would devote extra time to writing down how I felt. I felt happy! I finished a great run or workout and I was writing it down! Isn’t that enough?

Well, clearly, no, it isn’t.


    From this moment forth, I shall record any and all workouts in my handy-dandy workout notebook to include what I did (run, WOD, etc), how I felt (physically and mentally) BEFORE, AFTER, and DURING and if I’ve rested on a non-rest day, why I rested and how I felt.

I may or may not have written my run down in my book this morning.

But, in my defense, that was HOURS before I made this proclamation!

I will record my run and other pertinent information as soon as I get home. 🙂


1. Do you use a workout log, handwritten or electronic, to track your workouts? Do you include the “how you feel/felt” part of it?

2. Do you like honey? 🙂

– jennifer