Re-evaluating goals & pushing forward

Hello, hello!



So, did you guys watch the premier of American Idol last night?

We were totally DONE with that show after last season – seriously, I can’t remember, who won? – but, now that Harry Connick, Jr. is on the panel (um, hello, SMART & talented?!) and J.Lo. is back, we decided to give it a try.

We’ve always loved when Harry was a guest judge. He actually has valuable, constructive advice to give. So much more refreshing than, “yo, dawg, whaddup? I’m just not feeling it, yo. Just, naw, dawg, it wasn’t good.”

Oh. So helpful, Randy. Thanks.

And, don’t even get me started on Nicki and Mariah.

After a while, we kept the show on mute except for during the singing parts.

We think the combo of Harry, J.Lo. and Keith is awesome and definitely what the show needs. They’re all pretty knowledgable (although, I would never ask Jennifer for advice on song-writing) and they really want to treat the contestants like they’re actually people trying to reach a goal, and NOT just someone to laugh at.

That probably didn’t make any sense.

Made sense in my head. :/

And, moving on.

So, now we’re sucked back in and we have high hopes for this season! We’ve honestly been watching since the start and it’s good to see the changes that have been made. Put the focus back on the singers and not the drama queens and divas behind the table. 🙂

Oh, anyway, guess I should talk about running or food or something seeing as my blog is “A Hungry Runner” and not “Reality TV reviewer.”

My body FINALLY felt strong enough and I got out for a short run this morning!


It felt pretty nice. I wanted to run on Tuesday but I honestly just didn’t
have it in me.

Hmm…apparently marathons take a lot out of a person.

Who knew?! haha

I know that I had mentioned possibly going for a BQ at Flying Pig in May but, I’ve been giving some serious thought about that goal.

My BQ time is 3:45 or faster and my fastest time ever is 4:09.

That was in 2010.

I was younger then.

So, because my training for Mississippi Blues took some hits and I wasn’t as prepared as I had wanted to be, I’m going into Flying Pig with a different preparation level.

I’m not sure pushing myself extremely hard is the right thing for my body – remember, I’ve also recently recovered from some injuries that kept me off the roads – so I’m only going to push myself really hard. Instead of extremely. Yes, there’s a difference. 🙂

My goal for Flying Pig is to finally break 4 hours.

I can do it!


A BQ will come, eventually. Maybe. We’ll see.

My plan is to follow a 3-day a week running plan and cross-train 3 days and rest one day.

I may swap a cross-train day with a slow run or I may add a slow run TO the cross-train day and do both.

Depends on how my body feels.

I’m not sure if the track at the high school in my town is open to the public so, guess I’m finally going to have to learn how to use my Garmin.

Apparently, I can set intervals and all that stuff.

Thank goodness I just found the instruction book the other day!

Technically, marathon training starts this week but…..I needed the break.

I’ll run a longish run on Saturday and hop into the plan on Monday.

I’m excited!

reach goal


Talk to me: Do you re-evaluate your goals? Do you feel comfortable changing them, if you need to?

– jennifer