Weekly workout recap – better late than never!


Happy rainy Monday! (blech)

rainy Monday

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

We did – it was so beautiful! – and that’s why I’m just now getting to recap last week’s workouts.

Sometimes, a girl’s just gotta have fun, right? Right! Cyndi Lauper says so. 🙂


So, anywho, back to last week’s workouts. It was actually a pretty tough and draining week. Here’s how it all went down:



I was pretty stoked about this WOD. I mean, it’s RUNNING!

Started off building up to my clean and jerk max and got to 95#.

That’s a PR! Whoop!

We were working on the split jerk which is a difficult movement. I tend to be off-balance because I don’t trust my own abilities. I need to work on my confidence level and I know I can definitely increase the weight. Blew me away a little to put 95# over my head!

As for the 20 minutes of running, I got just over 2 1/2 miles done.  🙂


This was supposed to be a YMCA day.

Instead, it was fence drama day. 😦

You’ll be happy to know that we finally have our fence up and it looks fabulous! OMG, my dogs are SO HAPPY!!!!



So, I had been thinking about how to increase my mileage and I decided running to CrossFit a couple days a week was going to be my new thing.

6 1/2 miles.

Busy road.

Afternoon traffic.

No shade.

It wasn’t as fun as I had hoped but it wasn’t awful either.

I’m on the fence about whether or not I’ll keep my new thing.

Of course, running to this WOD may not have been the smartest idea I’ve ever had.


Holy. Hard.

Can you say shoulder burner?

For the strength portion, I mostly worked on form in my overhead squats. I never went above 35 pounds and I maybe got a few good squats out of the 30 total we were to do.

I struggle with driving my knees outward  – they want to come in and I dip forward and end up on my toes. Not really good when you are trying to hold weight over your head. Coach Kat ended up tying a resistance band around my knees to force me to concentrate on pushing my knees out. It worked pretty well. I think I’m definitely going to keep that as a reminder until my body gets used to the movement and can do it on its own.

Now, let’s talk about the reverse wall climb + push up.

That was probably the most miserable thing I’ve ever done.

I seriously only made it through 2 full rounds and got 14 double unders done.

I thought my arms were going to fall off.

Exhaustion doesn’t even BEGIN to describe what I was feeling!


Thing 2 and I hit the YMCA for a good treadmill workout.

I did a 3 mile run and then did some hill climbs starting at incline 5, working up to incline 9 and back down.


And, just in case that wasn’t enough, I thought I would throw in some plank action.



I was the only one at the Friday workout. Slackers.

(not that I blame them – it was a beautiful Friday evening!)


Snatch drops are a really difficult move and my shoulders were still blasted from Wednesday so that didn’t make it any easier. I did most of them with the PVC and then a 15# bar. Did my last set with the 35# bar. Coach Danny is pretty meticulous about these movements and honestly, even though I prefer to have other people around to WOD with, I definitely appreciated the attentive coaching I received.

I stuck with 65# for the hang clean and jerks and tried to perfect my form a little more. I tend to muscle the clean a little more than I should – I need to remember to pop my hips forward and pull my shoulders to my ears. Maybe once I get all that down, I can throw a squat in there!

Then we got down to the WOD.

Those sprints were fun but man oh man, was I coughing up a storm after those!

The pollen count was SUPER high on Friday (I think it was a 9) and, as I figured out during the rest of the WOD, it definitely affected my sinuses.

For the Power Clean to Push Press, I went with 75# on the bar and used a band for the ring dips.

I knocked out 5 full rounds and one power clean/push press into round 6. Whoop!


I wasn’t completely sure how long I was going to run on Saturday but I was shooting for at least 13 miles.

Flying Pig marathon is right around the corner and I’m feeling woefully ill-prepared.

And Saturday’s run didn’t help that feeling one little bit.


That was a tough 8 miles I eeked out. Really tough. I took walk breaks, my legs felt like lead, my chest was hurting and I felt seriously out of shape.

Perhaps I should have listened to my body on Friday at CrossFit? Probably, but that’s not how I roll. Gotta push, push, push and do more, more, more!

I really need to learn to NOT do that.

Oh, and to add insult to injury (or actually, injury to insult would probably be more appropriate!), my new Mizuno’s chafed the top of my right piggy toe! I felt it rubbing a little when I was running but didn’t think anything of it until I got into the shower.


So, that’s not good. 😦 Guess Mizunos aren’t my thing. Thank goodness Road Runner Sports allows free returns/exchanges for up to 90 days! Love them!

Talk to me: What did your workouts look like last week? Have you ever had a shoe chafe the tops of your toes? What’s your favorite running gear store?

– jennifer

Running, biking, Ignite Naturals and bulldog puppies rolling down hills

Hello, hello!


Did you get any snow in yesterday’s storm?

I am so seriously over winter. I demand spring to begin immediately.

We got snow but luckily, it didn’t stick. It was actually more of a snow/rain blend.

Definitely too wet to run outside so, after arguing with myself on the way home about whether or not I wanted to go, (thankfully, the  I hit the Y for a treadmill workout.

The treadmills I normally use (with a TV screen that never seems to work and leaves me stuck watching a screen that is either stuck or on a channel I don’t want to watch) were occupied so I used one of the ones without the screen.

Little did I know that those have a 30 minute time cap on a workout.


So, I did a 30-minute hill interval and then decided to hop on the spin bike for some more fun.  I picked a 20-minute “speed bump” workout and spun away.

I had a GREAT workout on both machines!

And boy, oh boy did I need it. Joyful, blissful running. 🙂


Awkward post-workout selfie

OH! So, I received an email from Ignite Naturals asking me if I would be interested in trying their hydration product, IN Refresh. Of course I said yes and I received my goodies on Tuesday! Whoop!


I tried out the blueberry yesterday and was pretty impressed. It was pretty tasty without being overwhelming. I hate overwhelming.

I have a major issue at races with the electrolyte drinks like Gatorade and Powerade because they’re kinda too much for me and I don’t like the way they feel in my mouth. Like it dries me out and that’s not cool when I’m running.

The IN Refresh was light and refreshing and not too sweet. And, BONUS, I didn’t feel like I needed to chase it with a gallon of water! Can’t wait to try it out on a long run! 🙂

Random cute video for your Wednesday enjoyment:

Talk to me: What’s your favorite way to hydrate and replenish during and after a race/run/workout? Are you a Gatorade person or do you prefer something else? What’s the cutest youtube video you’ve seen this month?

– jennifer

The treadmill kicked me off!

Hello, hello!

Happy Friday!

charlie brown


I’m seriously beyond happy that it’s Friday. Even with the snow day thrown in, this week has been a little long.

Long like my run is supposed to be tomorrow.

I have 18 miles on the books.

We’ll see how that goes.

Wednesday’s CrossFit workout was pretty fun.


I’m still feeling those Good Mornings!

We did them at 75#!!

As for the WOD, I completed 3 full rounds and was on to the burpees in the 4th round.  I push pressed 65#. As if I could do 95#. Ha! One day. 🙂

Then, yesterday after work, I hit the Y for my tempo run.

Thing 2 was supposed to join me since she didn’t have to work but she ditched me and went shopping with a friend.

Kids. Sheesh.

Anyway, I hopped on the treadmill with the best of intentions for my scheduled tempo run.

Got to mile 2 and I just wasn’t feeling it.

Really, I haven’t been feeling it lately. I need to get over that. I need to figure out what’s up.

Running is feeling a little like a chore these days and that is not cool.

Running is supposed to be my happy place.

Who took my happy place?!?!

So, anyway, I adjusted my workout and it ended up looking like this:

1 mile at 10:00/mile warm-up (incline 1)

1 mile at 9:05 (marathon pace) (incline 1)

1 mile at 8:30 (incline 1)

1/2 mile  at 15:00/mile (incline 8)

1/4 mile at 13:30/mile (incline 5)

1/4 mile at 12:00/mile (incline 5)

1/2 mile at 10:00/mile (incline 2) + cool down

That last half was supposed to actually be a mile and THEN I was going to do the cool down but the stupid treadmill kicked me off after 60 minutes.



I got the tough stuff done before the dreadmill (yep, said that on purpose) decided to be a killjoy.

Today, those good morning and those hill climbs are like the gift that keeps on giving.


Last night, CrossFit announced the 2nd workout of the 2014 CrossFit Games Open.

It’s going to be a killer.

65# is a pretty heavy weight for me, especially since it’s overhead squats.

Not even sure I’m going to make it to the pull-ups!

But, you know what, I’m going to try.

Cuz that’s what it’s all about. 🙂

Talk to me: Are you participating in the Open? What was your first thought when you heard about this workout?

Dude, mine was “DOH! Why can’t they pick something I can actually DO?!”

Oh, and if you’re participating in the Open and are looking for some tips on how to survive 14.2, check this out – CrossFit or Die. Good luck!

– jennifer