Weekly workout recap – or the one where I almost vomited

With self-discipline, most anything is possible. – Theodore Roosevelt

Hi there!

It’s been quite the week of workouts. I’m actually pretty thankful to have a rest day today (rain + homework = stay inside all day) and tomorrow. My quads still need some rolling out and my shoulders, pecs, and hands (yes, hands!) are still recovering. But, I’m not complaining. That’s the best kind of sore. 🙂


I could have gone to the box on Monday. But, I went shopping with Thing 2 instead. Mother/daughter time vs WOD? Yeah, I made the right decision. 🙂


6pm CrossFit


On the surface, this looks like it wouldn’t be too rough. Which is why you should never just look at the surface (did you ever notice how ‘surface’ is a strange word?) or judge a book by its cover or think any workout that involves both running AND rowing and manages to throw in burpees and lasts 30. Minutes. Long. is anything BUT rough.

Of course, I’m still not running so I had to sub 10 calories on the air dyne bike.



The idea was to finish whatever you were doing around the 50 second mark so you would have a small amount of breathing/transition time. Coach told us most people would scale the workout and that was recommended. He even had to scale the run! Then, he also said he spent a little bit of time with his head hanging over the trash can. Oh goodie.

So, I started off pretty well but by round 4, maintaining 10 calories on both the rower and the bike was getting really, really hard to do. By round 5, I scaled down to 8-9 calories on the rower, 7-8 burpees, and 8 calories on the bike. And that’s pretty much where I stayed. And, it was quite possibly one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. I wanted to quit. For reals. Just stop and breathe. But I didn’t. Not until Coach called time, that is, and I fell off the bike and laid on the floor. And, I didn’t vomit. But I thought about it.


5:30am Spin Class at the Y

Because I am a glutton for punishment.


This class was so much better than the first class I went to! Got in a great leg burning workout! After the class, I went out to the floor and did a little core work – mostly planks, Russian twists with a 10lb ball, and V-ups. I definitely felt that later.

6pm CrossFit

thankfully, NOT a metcon


The snatch is one of the most difficult and complex olympic lift. Most people really struggle with it and I am definitely one of those people. BUT, I’m getting better!

Coach had us warm up with 2 rounds of 5 push ups, 5 ring dips, 5 GHD sit-ups, 5 GHD back extensions, 10 walking lunges, 5 supermans, and 5 PVC overhead squats.

That was in addition to the standard warm-up that I had already completed. OY!

I started off with just the 35# bar working on the complex. Coach really wanted us to work on our hook grip and form during this stage – it wasn’t about the weight.

The hook grip is SUPER difficult. Basically, when you wrap your hands around the bar, your thumb goes UNDER your first two fingers. So, you’re not actually holding the bar, per se; you’re more holding your thumb. This helps with control of the bar – since you’re holding your thumbs, the bar is less likely to slip out of your hands. It’s very uncomfortable until you get used to it. And I’m definitely not used to it. My hands were TORE UP and so stiff by the time we were done.

I ended up finishing the complex at 45#. Coach gave me some great critique and said that he could see that I’ve improved and that I’m really concentrating on getting it right. I struggle with speed in my hips (but, they’re a LOT faster than they used to be!) and sometimes, the bar goes too far out in front of me but I’m getting there. It’s work in progress.

For the 1 rep max of the hang snatch, I got 55#. I tried 60# but failed. A few times. That’s alright, though. Work in progress. 🙂


6pm CrossFit


I wore my cute new grey capris!


*Note to self – don’t wear the cute grey capris to a sweat-inducing workout. Especially if you take sweating very seriously. Or you are a sweaty betty. It’s not attractive when it’s all over.*

This workout, though.

My hands were still pretty stiff from the snatch complex so I wasn’t sure how all those pull-ups were going to go. But, somehow, I managed to Rx this workout. Without ripping my hands! I finished in 18:52.


5:30am Spin Class at the Y

Why do I do this to myself? Oh yeah, glutton for punishment. Crazy. Nuckin’ futs, as my sailor likes to say.


Apparently, Fridays are the “advanced” class. Um, yeah. This workout was a beast. One of the students had a heart rate monitor and he said it showed 900-some odd calories burned. Yeah, I could see that.

Then, I did an abs circuit I found on Pinterest.



Dude, this was NO joke. I couldn’t do all 6 rounds. I did 4 rounds and couldn’t do any more. I couldn’t do all the movements for 30 seconds – the V-sits, bicycle crunches, and tummy tucks kicked my butt. My abs were on FIRE. It was awesome!


Talk to me: How long did it take for you to get comfortable with the hook grip? What core workouts are your least (or most) favorite? Are wall balls the worst thing ever?

– jennifer

Weekly Workout Recap – setting new PRs

Hello, hello!

Happy Saturday! Do you have Monday off? 🙂

So, I’m out of the boot and I’m not sick (although, I still have a little congestion hanging around and there’s a dry spot in my nose that gets very painful sometimes. ugh. tmi?) and I was really motivated to get some good workouts in this week. Time to get back in the saddle!


I started Monday morning off with a cycling class (we were on Spin bikes, I guess it wasn’t called Spin because….?) at the Y.

I didn’t take a picture of the room because I didn’t bring my phone in there. I wasn’t sure what protocol was and I didn’t want to do something wrong and get yelled at. 🙂

It’s been a couple of years since I took a spin class but it felt pretty nice to be back on the bike. I was really looking forward to a good workout!

Except, I didn’t really get one. I mean, I got an okay workout but it wasn’t as dynamic and fun as I had hoped. The Monday instructor is apparently ‘not a morning person’ (as stated by one of the other riders. I’m sorry, who teaches a 5:30AM spin class and isn’t a morning person? Isn’t it almost a requirement?!) and she most certainly wasn’t peppy. I guess she had started a learning series the week before and this Monday was working on climbs – mostly seated – and cadence. I was a little bored. It’s an hour long class – that’s a long time to be actively doing stuff and still be bored. :/

I’m going to check out a couple of the other instructors (on other days, of course) and see how they are.

6pm CrossFit


It has been quite some time since I’ve done the “Total” workout and I was really, really, REALLY looking forward to it. ESPECIALLY since I’m not in the boot! I know I’ve made strength gains and I wanted to see where I’m at.

Basically, in this workout, you warm up and then you get 3 attempts at your 1 Rep Max of that lift and then you move on to the next. It’s not “add weight on in the smallest increments possible, starting really low, and go until you can’t anymore.” You have to be aware (and this is why my Journal Menu Wod book is so helpful!) of what your previous weights were and start somewhere near there so you can build appropriately.


I HIT PRs in 2 of my lifts!!!!!

And, to be fair, I PRd my press last week so I wasn’t expecting to set a new one this week.  My previous PR at back squat was 125#. Whoop! A 20# PR!!! And, that’s legitimately my 1RM because I was halfway in the ‘up’ part of the squat and I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. I had to really push myself. I was so proud when I got it back up!!!

I wish I knew what my 1RM of deadlift used to be but I think it was around 180-185#. Honestly, it’s probably in one of these entries but I don’t have it written down and, yes, I’m too lazy to search. 🙂  But, I can tell you I have never lifted more than 200# until Monday and I hit 205#!!!

So, the reason why it’s called CrossFit Total is because your score is the total of all your weights. So, mine was 425. (I know that it looks like I’m the weakest link but these numbers are excellent for me. And, Lauren and Theresa are bad ass chicks, so there’s that.) Based on my weight class, I fall in between intermediate and advanced on the ranking chart.  I’ll take that!


6pm CrossFit


Yes, they called this workout “Helen”-ish. It should have been called “Hell-ish.” Oof.

Helen is a benchmark WOD and is 3 rounds, for time, of 400m run, 21 kb swings, and 12 pull-ups. I last did Helen in October (was in between boots and able to run!) and scored 13:13.

“Helen”-ish was designed to be an interval workout and was to be scaled, if necessary. Coach wanted each athlete to be able to complete at least 2 rounds and if your previous Helen time was not 12:00 or less, you had to scale.

I am not yet ready to run so I rowed and Coach scaled me down to 300m and do the rest as prescribed. I did all 21 KB swings at 35# but, when I got to the pull-ups, could only get 9 done. So, I made the decision to stick with 9 and go from there.

I completed 4 rounds and was on my 5th pull up in round 5 when my 4 minutes were up. So, my score was 4 rounds.

Man, all those swings and pull ups were so HARD after all the pulling on the rower!


My arms/shoulders needed a break so I took a rest day. I had planned on going to an AM spin class but we had an “ice storm” and I wasn’t sure what the roads were going to be like. Hindsight is always 20/20 and I could have gone but better safe than sorry, right?!

Anyway, instead of an evening CrossFit class, I took half a day off work and went and help unload equipment at a new CrossFit box. Where I’m going to start going. 🙂


That counts as a workout, right? 🙂


6pm CrossFit


30 muscle ups.

Yeah, right.

I don’t even have 1 muscle up yet!

So, obviously, I scaled the workout.

I did option 3 because my hands were still pretty sore from Tuesday. Plus, ring rows help with the pulling aspect that helps in the muscle up transition from pulling to throwing yourself through the rings. I finished in 11:00.

The part I liked the best about this workout was we did muscle up practice and skill work before. So, I worked on my kip (swinging on the rings and trying to bring my hips up to touch the rings) and then I worked on the transition on a low set of rings. That’s seriously the hardest part!


Rest day!

I had the day off (YAY!) and had homework to do, housecleaning to get done, got my hair did, and went grocery shopping.



Back at the new box helping out. Pictures later! You can always follow me on Instagram if you want pictures faster than that! 🙂

Talk to me: How was your week of workouts? 🙂

– jennifer

Some big news & my weekly workout recap (am I there yet?!)

Happy Saturday!

Let me be the first to say that I am SO GLAD this week is over.

Not that I’m thrilled that Christmas is in 5 days and a wakeup (why do I still have more shopping to do?!?!) but holy cow, Monday through Friday was tough.

And I even had Thursday off!

Which was nice because I got some mother/daughter with Thing 2.

Who chose this week (the week before Christmas, of all weeks!) to move out. Into her own apartment.

Across the street. 🙂

So, yes, we’ve become empty nesters (unless you count the 5(!) four-legged babies I have) but she’s not far. I can see the building from my front door. I think I’d be breaking down a whole lot more if she was farther away.

I mean, I knew it was going to happen eventually – for some reason, you can’t stop a kid from growing up – but I guess you can’t ever really prepare yourself for that.

In other big news, I’m embarking on a new journey.

I’m headed back to school to become a Registered Dietician!


There isn’t a school local to me so I’m studying on-line. I’ve been accepted into Eastern Michigan University and start all my undergrad prerequisites in January. Unfortunately, I have to do all the biology and chemistry classes because I didn’t get any of those in my first go around. Such is the plight of a liberal arts major! But, that’s okay. And, I’m really excited!

Once I get all the prerequisites done, I still have to apply to the Dietetics program. If Once I’m accepted (positive thoughts, right?), then I’ll start the official 2 year program to my dietetics degree. I’ll have my application submitted by January 2016 and, if accepted, will start the program in the Fall of 2016.

It’s going to be a busy few years! But, totally worth it because I’m finally taking the steps to something I’m passionate about. 🙂

So, in even MORE news, I got the results of my bone density scan that I had last week.


I have lovely strong bones! There’s no sign of osteopenia or osteoporosis. HOORAY!

I was really pretty worried about it. I had myself all kinds of stressed out and all I could think about was how unfair it would be, how I would probably never run again, and how my CrossFit life would have to change – no more jumping or anything that might be a jarring movement. :/

Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about that!

I do, however, have very low estrogen levels.  Like post-menopausal low.

Oops, probably should have given you a TMI warning. 🙂

Unfortunately, early menopause CAN be a risk factor for osteoporosis so this is something I need to get figured out. My doctor has put in a referral for me to see an endocrinologist and I’m just waiting for all the hoops to be jumped through. Luckily, where menopause is concerned, modern medicine is pretty on-target for taking care of women. 🙂

Okay, and NOW it’s finally time for my workout recap. Gosh, took me long enough to get there, didn’t it?!

I’ll be honest – I’ll be happy when I’m out of that boot. I go back on January 5th for more x-rays and a status check.  I don’t imagine she’ll take me out of the boot on that day but I’ve got my fingers crossed! I’m just happy to know that I’ll be able to run again. 🙂



 We started off by working up to our 5 rep max strict press.

I got 65# successfully. Tried 70# but failed on the 5th rep.

Then, the WOD. Death by 10m is a running WOD. Run 10m in the first minute and rest the remainder of the minute, run 20m in the second minute and rest, run 30m in the third minute and rest, 40m fourth minute, 50m fifth minute, etc.

Of course, I’m not running so I rowed. One legged, of course. #beastmode

We got to the 18th minute and the last two runners didn’t finish and Coach called time.

Except, he forgot about ME on the other side of the room and I wasn’t done yet. I still had like 10 seconds left so I could have done the 19th minute. Maybe even the 20th! Oh well. It was pretty funny, actually. He felt like such a turd. Ha! And besides, I was pretty spent so it was probably a good time to stop anyway. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get up after all that one-legged rowing so I just sat there for a few minutes. 🙂



I was kinda excited about finding my 1RM power clean. Even in the boot!

Last week, I PR’d my 1RM squat clean so I knew I would PR the power clean – I just didn’t know by how much!

My previous 1RM was 95#. I know I’ve gained a lot of strength since then. The only thing is, because of the boot, I get a little nervous powering through my hips because I can’t control my left foot. The boot rocks a little. 🙂 BUT, even with all that, I PR’d with 110#! I almost had 115# but I got nervous and didn’t trust myself enough. Next time. 🙂

For the WOD, I obviously didn’t do the rope climbs. Coach had me do double ring rows and sit-ups as a modification. So, instead of 9-6-3, it was 18 ring rows, 18 sit ups, 12 rows, 12 sit ups, 6 rows, 6 sit ups.

For the power cleans, I set up the bar at 75#. In retrospect, I probably should have gone with 80-85# but it’s so hard to judge how difficult a workout might be, especially wearing this boot. I knew I had pushed myself during the 1RM and I didn’t want to overdo it and set myself back. It’s all good though. I finished in 7:44.


I was treated to a beautiful sunset on my way to CrossFit. 🙂


Coach had us do a partner warm-up.

3 rounds of:

row while partner does 7 wall balls and 7 ring rows, then switch.

Let me tell you something – this boot makes wall balls an interesting event. Haha

The WOD was Cindy – a benchmark workout.


I was pretty excited about Cindy because, while I would probably modify the pushups (I can’t actually put the boot down in pushup position – I usually set it on the back of my right leg so, essentially, one-legged pushups), I didn’t have to sub anything!

I kipped all the pull-ups – no bands!, did knee pushups (I started off with strict pushups but knew that wasn’t going to last and I modified to knees after about 15), and, of course, air squats.

I finished 10 complete rounds.

Looking forward to doing that again once I’m out of the boot. 🙂


rest day!

I needed it. Holy upper body soreness!



We warmed up with some GHD hip and back extensions, GHD situps, GHD back extensions, and ring rows.

My stupid boot won’t fit in the GHD so I did 15 super mans, 15 hollow rocks, 15 sit-ups, and 15 ring rows.

Then, we set up for the WOD.

The Rx weight for ladies was 210# but, that’s probably my 1RM (haven’t tried in a while) so I knew that wasn’t going to happen for the WOD. I set my bar up with 145#.

I don’t have bar muscle ups yet (2015 goal!!!) so I modified with pull-ups and ring dips, 1 for each bar muscle up.

Our box has a shortage of red bands so I had to use a purple band for the ring dips. I actually need the red band because the purple makes them too easy for me no matter how loose I try to make the tension. Another goal for 2015? Strict ring dips so I don’t have to worry about the stupid red band!

I finished in 9:44.


Shopping, moving furniture, and cleaning. #functionalfitness 🙂

The YMCA that we belong to has spin classes at 5:30am so I may start adding in a spin class or 2 each week. I’m also considering switching up my schedule to CrossFit on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday rather than Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I also need to start adding something in on Saturday – maybe an easy go on the elliptical? Gosh, I can’t wait until I can run again.

Talk to me: What did your week of workouts look like? Did you set any PR’s? Do anything new? What are your fitness goals for 2015?

– jennifer