Last week’s workouts and a new PR!

Hi there!

Happy Tuesday!



Did you get bombarded with snow yesterday?

Thankfully, we didn’t. Oh no. We just got cold, sleet, rain, wind and blech – winter’s ugly side. I’m so over the cold.

Seriously, why isn’t it spring YET?!

And, even though the first day of Spring is officially on Thursday (HOORAY!), I’ve heard rumors that next week might be more like winter. Sheesh. Whatever happened to “in like a lion and out like a lamb?”

Anywho, I haven’t told you about last week’s CrossFit workouts! I’m not sure why but it may have had something to do with pie. 🙂


Monday’s WOD was a killer. Ascending rounds is no joke.

I had to modify the whole workout – 65# for the Hang Clean to Thrusters (although, honestly, it sure felt like 95# the more I did!), 20″ box for the burpee box jumps (um, not conking my head was more worrisome than how high I could jump – it’s a little hard to judge space when you’re in a hurry) and banded chest to bar pullups.

Honestly, I can’t remember how many rounds I got either. Stupid me didn’t take a picture of the board all week. :/


Wednesday was fun – and a little awkward. I felt like I was all over the place.

The transitioning was weird.

The front squats weren’t racked – we had to clean them up (which eliminated 95# as an option so I modified down to 65#) – and then we moved over to hand stand push ups (HSPU).

Um, yeah, so I don’t actually DO hand stand push ups. I modify them and do them off a box.

So, I went from squats to a box for push ups then to kettlebell swings and then to the pull up bars.

It was definitely good work but I felt like the transitioning time was too much. I lost some actual workout time. Oh well.

Again, don’t ask me how many reps I completed. That was last week. I can barely remember yesterday! 😉


Then, Friday was CrossFit Games Open Workout 14.3!

Now, as you know, my Open ended with 14.2 😦

but, I’m not a quitter so I’m still doing the workouts, just not submitting my scores.



Actually, I had a good time with this workout!

My PR before we left Florida was 125# so I set up my spot with weight modifications so I could work as much of the 8 minutes as possible.

I started the WOD with 95#, added 20 for 105#, added 20 for 125#, and threw another 10 on there for 135#.


I officially got through 3 rounds and 3 reps of the 135# deadlifts!

Afterwards, we were messing around a little and I threw some more weight on the bar.

And, I deadlifted 145#.

And then I did 155#.

And then I did 160#!


I tried 165# but I was spent. I barely moved it.

I can’t wait to try again when my legs/back are fresh! I know I’ve got more in me!

Talk to me: Did you set any PRs this past week? Did you try anything new?

– jennifer