Weekly workout recap – squats, rope climbs & running is trying to break me


It’s finally the weekend!



This week of workouts started out great but didn’t end so fabulously. I’m thankful for the weekend so I can rest.


I kicked off Monday morning with a run. 🙂


I had to go to work so I definitely needed the kickstart.

It felt really fabulous!

I opted out of CrossFit. I’m not really training for anything so I don’t need to do doubles. Besides, I’m still coming back from my injury and I’m not trying to over extend myself. 🙂


Since we had the day off, I decided to take advantage and get another morning run in. #winning


I’d mostly been sticking to the streets in the neighborhood right behind my house but this time, I ventured back out into the town. Felt good to run in old familiar places again!

Again, I opted out of CrossFit because I ran.


No running today.

Which means…

6pm CrossFit!


I was really excited about this workout because of the back squats.

The last time we worked on them was October 23rd and we were working towards our 3 rep max. I got to 115# but am pretty sure I could do more weight.

*side note – if I wasn’t recording my workouts, I would most definitely not have that information right at my fingertips! Write it down!!

After a warm up, we got down to work.  The idea was to stay at the same weight, something pretty close to your 5 rep max so the weight wouldn’t be easy and would likely still be difficult by the time you got down to the final rep.

I loaded 115# on the bar – honestly, I was thinking this might still be a “warm-up” and wanted to see how it felt. Did my 5 reps and decided that was the weight I was sticking to.

I knew my 3RM was higher than 115#!


I had some moments during these squats where my form faltered and my chest dipped forward. I really focused on making sure to drive my knees out and keep my chest up so the movement would be more fluid.

Then, we hopped on the rowers for the WOD – a 1,000m row for time.

Holy smokes, was that tough after all those squats!!

I finished in 4:06.

OH! I forgot to tell you!! During the warm-up (row, run, or bike, 15 GHD sit-ups, 15 GHD hip/back extensions, 15 pull ups, 15 ring dips), I got 4 strict pull ups in a row! PR baby!! 🙂


Dude, it’s cold and I did NOT want to get up and go for a run. Plus, my legs were smoked from yesterday so I hit the snooze and snuggled with my fur babies a little longer. 🙂

6pm CrossFit


I almost skipped this workout.

My legs were super tired from yesterday and running and rope climbs both require legs. Well, except for the legless climbs, but still.

Seriously. I almost drove home after work instead of to the gym.

But, I went.

I was pretty nervous about all those rope climbs. It was just so many!!

I certainly don’t have legless rope climbs so I scaled those.

Hell, not too many people actually have legless rope climbs. Those things are super hard!

For each legless, I did 2 from the plank position (#2 in this video).

Finished the first part in 13:21.

After the 5 minute rest, I started the 2nd half of the workout.

I got through the first 2 rope climbs and headed out the door for the 200m run.

I should add it was FREEZING and it had started to drizzle a little. YUCK!

On the 2nd round, I got through 1 rope climb and had a HUGE raw spot on my ankle from the rub so I scaled back down to the pulling from plank position. Still did 2 pulls for each 1 climb.

I really need to learn how to do the climbs like this so there’s no rubbing. OUCH.

I finished 3 rounds and was heading out for the 4th run and my foot started to hurt.

My left foot.

The OTHER foot!! GAH!!! 😦

So, I quickly headed over to the air dyne bike and finished the last two rounds on that.

My total time was 30:21.

My foot. I don’t know. I felt it a little when I was coming back in from the 3rd run but it definitely wasn’t like what happened with my right foot.

I did drop funny off the rope on my first set of climbs but I didn’t feel anything until the 3rd run so I don’t know if it was that.

It felt more like a cramp than anything.

I could put pressure on it which was different than the last time but it definitely still hurt.

I came home, rested, and took some ibuprofen.


I had planned on either running or going to CrossFit but didn’t do either because of my foot.

It’s not swollen and I can definitely put more weight on it than I could with the stress fracture in my right foot but I still limped around the office.

Luckily, I only worked half a day so I was able to come home and just rest.


Obviously no running today. 😦

My foot still hurts but it’s not as bad. There’s still no swelling and no real bruising. I suppose it’s possible that it’s another stress fracture (seriously, can I catch a break, please?!) but I’m not sure.

My plan is just to rest it for a few days and see how it feels.

If it gets worse, I’ll definitely be calling the doc for an appointment.

Good thing I still have the boot from the last time. Those things are interchangeable, right?

Now, I have to try and figure out the WHY. I wasn’t wearing my running shoes – I was wearing my CrossFit shoes (Inov-8) and those don’t have the same support. They’re not old by any stretch – maybe 5 months? – but maybe that’s the issue. I eat pretty well and take calcium and vitamin D supplements as recommended by orthopedists. Hopefully, this isn’t a sign of early osteoporosis. :/

Talk to me: How did your week of workouts go?

– jennifer

Weekly workout recap – running and squatting and rope climbs, oh my!


Happy Saturday!! 🙂

It’s definitely been a tough week as far as workouts are concerned but I did get some running in so I’m not complaining.

My big news of the week is that I registered for a 10k on November 23rd!

I’m super excited – it’ll be my first race since my injury and I definitely have time to get ready. Plus, it’s local and I don’t have to drive very far to get there! #bonus

I’ve got about one more week of easing back into the running and then, I think I’m going to start back with CrossFit Endurance.

I mean, I’ll still slowly add mileage because that’s the safe thing to do but I won’t necessarily have to run just 3 days a week, taking at least a day break between runs.

I’m totally looking forward to getting back to a set schedule and making gains and improvements. 🙂


AM run


Wow, that’s so nice to say that!

I had planned on running at least 2 ½ miles. I know I ran over 2 but I don’t know exactly how far because …. My knuckle lights were really dim, I encountered an unknown “something” in the middle of the road in the dark area between street lights and I quietly backed up and went the other direction and, at some point during this event, I hit a button on my Garmin and it stopped recording my run. :/

I’m not sure the lack of distance really matters because my heart rate increased substantially after I backtracked from the “something” and a bird decided to freak out in a wooded area and, thus, freaked me out! Pretty sure all that adrenaline burned some extra calories. And, I’m pretty sure I looked ridiculous as I was trying to “sneak away” from whatever was in the road (honestly, it could have been a trash can but because my knuckle lights were lacking in power, I’ll never know) while simultaneously trying to get away from the crazy bird in the woods. The only thing that would have been more perfect would be if I’d run through a spider web at some point. Picture that craziness. Yep.


6pm CrossFit

Man, oh man, I did NOT eat enough today.

I felt okay throughout the day but I discovered I was really hungry on the way to CrossFit and my protein bar didn’t quite cut it.

I made it through the warm-up and had to grab a Chia bar from my purse. That’s NOT a good sign. :/

This is what we had on the schedule today:


It was a really big class – surprising for a Tuesday at 6pm – and my group didn’t make it through all the push jerks. I did 65# (10x) – 75# (10x) – 85# (8x) – 95# (8x) … we didn’t do the 6 – 6.

I finished up the 85# and Coach came over to talk about my form and I realized that I was absolutely STARVING. I mean, I was literally shaking. I grabbed some almonds from my purse and tried not to inhale those.

I never eat at CrossFit and now I’ve just eaten twice?! In less than an hour?! So not good.

I managed the 95# but was thankful we ran out of time because I knew I didn’t have the energy to do more and then try to do the WOD.

For the WOD, I scaled the weight down to 65#. Normally, I would have had that at about 80-85# but I knew my body wasn’t fueled enough for all that. I also grabbed the 12 inch box because I’m still getting back into this jumping business and I knew I’d never make it over a 20 inch box. Not even if I was fueled properly.

I managed 5 rounds (don’t ask me how) and felt like I was going to die the entire time. I was so thankful to be done!

I went home and had 2 bowls of chili (thank goodness for crockpots!!) and made plans to NOT eat too little during the day. I’m not sure what happened. Generally, I make sure to eat enough.


6pm CrossFit

Got to the gym and was signing myself in and one of the Coaches was heading to the grocery store. He asked the other coaches if they needed anything – they said no. He made his way to leave and then came back and asked me if I needed anything. LOL! I told him I ate plenty today so I was all good. I’m glad he asked, though. That was really cool. 🙂

I was sort of looking forward to this workout because it had running but I was also a little nervous about this workout because of the rope climbs and the pistols.


I didn’t realize that I needed to be nervous about the warm-up!

Coach had us do 3 rounds, not for time, of run 200m, 10 leg raises, and 10 kick outs.

Those leg raises. Not toes to bar but leg raises. We basically hung from the pull-up bars with the vertical bar at our back to prevent swinging. Then, we had to lift our legs to parallel with the ground. So NOT easy.

This isn’t exactly it but it’s the closest video representation I could find.

Then, the kick outs. Basically, we got into the bottom of a squat and then we were to alternate legs and kick out to a pistol squat. Coach wanted us to do them without holding on to anything. Yeah, right! I had to hold onto the bar otherwise I would just be sitting. Haha

For the WOD, it was supposed to be a 400m sprint but I just ran. I’m not quite at the point of sprinting yet so I didn’t want to push it. Of course, I was the last one to finish but I don’t care. 🙂 For the pistols, I had to use box assistance because it’s been so long since I’ve done them that I lost the little progress I had made.

Basically like these except I used a 24” box and went into a full pistol. The goal was to not touch the floor.

And then, the rope climbs. Ugh. It’s also been some time since I climbed the ropes – a little hard to do that in a boot. 😉

I completed everything in the first 2 rounds with barely any time to rest. I was definitely the last one climbing. Then, the last 2 rounds, I only managed 1 in the 3rd round and 1 ½ in the 4th round. I was trying!


I thought briefly about getting up and running but decided against it because of the running last night and tonight’s WOD also had running.

I didn’t want to push it with my foot.

And, I don’t know what it was but my shoulders were SORE from yesterday! I think it was those leg raises combined with the rope climbs. Even woke me up when I shifted in my sleep!

6pm CrossFit

I was actually pretty stoked about this workout!


It’s been a while since I was able to do heavy back squats because of the boot. I was looking forward to throwing on some weight and seeing what I could do!

I warmed up with just the bar (10 squats), then we threw 85# on there. Knocked out 5 of those and got down to business. I was sharing a rack with 2 other people and we were all at different levels so we kept pulling plates off and putting plates on. I did 3 at 105# and then did 3 at 115#. I know I could probably go higher but we ran out of time. I’m cool with 115# though – especially since I was so beat up from yesterday’s WOD.

Then, it was time for the WOD. I was definitely looking forward to the running but not the 200 air squats. Finished in 16:31 on jello legs. 🙂





I’m up to 3 miles in my rebuilding so I decided to knock out a 5k.

It felt so good to be out running and my miles got progressively faster – 9:29, 8:58, 8:40.

For some reason, my Garmin didn’t record the run.

This isn’t the first time that it’s failed me and I’m starting to get really frustrated by it. I just don’t get it. It’s not like it’s a new watch and I don’t know how to use it.

And, it’s not like the data bank is full because, once it reaches so many runs recorded, it starts deleting the oldest when you save a new one. There’s no way for me to erase all recorded runs without doing them one by one and I just don’t have the time for that. :/

Regardless, it was a beautiful morning and I got to watch the sun rise. #winning



Talk to me: How was your week of workouts? Did you do anything new or difficult? Did you remember to fuel yourself properly?

– jennifer

Weekly workout recap – the one where I picked up heavy rocks


I know this is coming to you a little later in the day but I had a small road trip to take.

I’m currently hanging out with my folks and my grandma. 🙂

There’s lots to do so I’ll get right to it.

This week of workouts was pretty awesome!


It was a holiday. And I didn’t have to work. And Thing 2 was getting her teeth extracted the next day. So,

I took a rest day and hung out with her and went out for Indian food.


AM Garage workout

Started my morning off with a 1 mile run. Yep, that’s right. A RUN!

I know I ran last week but this was my first morning run. It was blissful! And short. And my Garmin didn’t

record it, for some reason. But still, I ran!!


Then, I hopped on the elliptical for a 30 minute workout.


Thing 2 is getting her wisdom teeth out today and I’m definitely nervous for her.  I know it’ll be fine – people get their wisdom teeth taken out every day but still. She’s my baby – even if she’s not so little anymore.

No CrossFit today because I was making sure she had everything she needed.


6pm CrossFit

 Man, I don’t think I ate enough today! Or, maybe it’s because I hadn’t been at the box in 5 days.

Whatever it was, this workout kicked my booty!

Coach had us play a little game on the rower as a warm-up. We had to try to row exactly 100m. If you’ve

ever rowed before, you know that’s no easy task. I got close each time (102, 102, 101, 102) but no cigar.

There was mention of “punishment” (read: burpees) for however much you went over/under (my total

was +7) but thankfully, nothing came of it. Phew!

Then, we got down to business.


There aren’t enough rowers so we had to split up the class. I started with the rower group while the

others started on the double unders.

Man, this part really kicked my butt! By the time round 3 came along, I was giving serious consideration

to stepping over the rower rather than jumping it. My legs were like lead!! But, I still jumped. I finished a

full 3 rounds and was on the 5th burpee in the 4th round when time was called.

That 5 minute rest was the best thing ever!

Next up were the double unders. :/

Man, I haven’t jumped since before the boot and I didn’t have double unders then at all. Coach wanted

attempts but I quickly realized that it would take me all day. So, I did 60 singles instead.

Apparently, I need work on my singles – or – I was a little afraid to do too much jumping because I

missed a little more frequently than normal. It’s fine. I’ll get back there. #patiencegrasshopper

I squeaked out 4 complete rounds and was 4 toes-to-bar into the 5th

I was so glad when this workout was over!


AM workout



It felt really good and the weather was just perfect! I even managed to zone out a little and didn’t see

the person walking her dog. Ooops!

Then, I was blessed to see this on my way to CrossFit.

I love where I live!!


6pm CrossFit

I love workouts that are just body-weight movements!

But, I didn’t really love this one.


Just kidding. Actually, it was kinda fun for as much as it sucked!

It was a 20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of an ascending ladder of pull ups, sit ups, and

push ups – 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, …. etc

Basically, you do 3 pull ups, 3 sit ups, 3 push ups, then 6 pull ups, 6 sit ups, 6 push ups, 9 pull ups, 9 sit

ups, 9 push ups, etc until the 20 minutes is up. Your score is whatever number you actually completed. I

got through 21.


I was seriously pushing out my last few push ups as the clock was counting down!

I kipped ALL the pull ups!

Which, if you’re interested, totaled 84.

Yep, 84 pull ups, 84 sit ups, and 84 push ups.

I did about a third of the push ups regular and the rest I did on my knees because I was seriously losing


Hey, what can I say? I was working my muscles pretty hard!


6pm CrossFit


We did Atlas Stone skill work to start.

I’ve never worked with the Atlas Stones.

Basically, we’re just picking up heavy rocks. Haha!

The lighter stones didn’t have weights written on them but I think the one I worked with was about 50# or so.

I tried to pick up the one in between that one and the one that was marked 110# but I couldn’t even lift it off the ground.

Which, honestly, kinda boggled me. Because I can deadlift 200#. Why couldn’t I pick up that stupid stone?!?! lol

It was kinda fun, though. 🙂

Then, the WOD.

Holy. Rowing. Hell.

20 Minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) row for distance with a partner.

Basically, it was a sprint row.

Spring for 1 minute and switch. For 20 minutes.

I normally enjoy rowing but this sucked bad.

I reached the “I’m going to die” feeling right before coach yelled “10 seconds” each time. So Hard!!

My partner and I rowed 4514m.


I had originally planned on sleeping in.

Because I was tired.

But, I got up and ran anyway.

2 miles.

The draw of the road was too much. 🙂


 Talk to me: How was your week? Do any new workouts?

– jennifer