Holiday gift idea round-up! (in case of procrastination)

Hi there!

I’m having one of those days where I’m randomly grouchy. Do you ever have those?

I woke up in a perfectly fine mood and nothing terrible has happened. It just came out of nowhere.



And, realizing I left my pre-workout shake in the car didn’t help!

Luckily, it’s like a refrigerator outside so I’m pretty sure I’m safe. I brought it in and stuck it in the work fridge anyway.

We finally got our 2015 desk calendars at work and I swapped out the 2014 one because I consistently need to look ahead when I’m setting cases and suddenly, I have 10,000 reasons I need to know dates in the last 2 weeks of December. I keep looking at January 2015 and getting all messed up. Sheesh.

Do you realize that Christmas is, like, a week away?

I can't even


Raise your hand if you still have shopping to do.

raise hand


Are you still in need of gift ideas for some of your family or friends?

Welp, here’s a round-up of ideas that might help you!

25 Great Fitness Gifts and They’re All Under $25! – from Pop Sugar (I’ll take a Nature Box, please!)

10 Holiday Gift Ideas Under $50 (For People Who Like Food A Lot) – from Kylie at (um, hello, brownie mix. duh.)

Best Gifts Under $25 for Fitness Lovers – from Monica at (love the Drop it like a Squat tank!)

20 Kickass Cheap Gift Ideas for Under $20 – from Huffington Post (check out that flavor infusing water bottle!!!)

and, of course, in case you missed it….

Holiday Gift Ideas under $50 for People Who Love Wine – from ME 🙂

So, check out these fancy little snowmen I made for my work holiday party!


Pinterest success! 🙂

Talk to me: Have you ever experienced a Pinterest #fail? How bad/hilarious was it?

– jennifer

5 thoughts on “Holiday gift idea round-up! (in case of procrastination)

    • Your pin helped me win 3 awards in our “competition” – world’s most unique dish, world’s best Christmas themed dish, and world’s most eye appealing dish. I lost world’s best tasting to some buffalo chicken dip. Oh well! They were actually pretty fun to make even if some of them ended up a little drunk looking. Haha! 🙂

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