Nancy with burpees? Gotta be a Monday! :)


Happy Monday!


You know, it’s really difficult to get back to a normal routine after a mini-vacation.

Thank goodness for coffee! In my awesome new coffee mug! 🙂


Navy Mom – that’s right!

That’s not the only awesome thing I got while we were in Great Lakes.


I look pretty awake for 5 a.m. on a Monday!

Rocked my new Navy workout top this morning at Crossfit!

And yes, I went for the patriotic headband accompaniment. 🙂

I knew we were going to be in for a tough workout this morning, too. The 2013 Crossfit Games were held this past weekend (actually, Thursday through Sunday) out in California and some amazing athletes did some amazing things. Seriously. ESPN2 is going to be re-airing the games tonight and I can’t wait to watch what I missed!

Anyway, I was right about a tough workout being on the board.


I think my shadow really makes this picture. 🙂

Ah, Nancy.  With burpees.  Because she’s not hard enough on her own. *sigh*

I’m happy to say that the only thing I didn’t Rx on this WOD was the overhead squats.  That means I ran the 400s!   Woot!

Of course, I was moving slowly but I ran them. 🙂

My overhead squats were with the 35# bar.  One day I’ll get up to 65#.  One day.

Then, because we weren’t all disgusting and sucking wind (oh, maybe that was just me), we did 75 weighted butterfly sit ups.  As a cool down.  You know.  For fun!

I love Mondays.

Questions:  Coffee – black or with cream and sugar?  If you weren’t able to catch the Games, will you be tuning in tonight?  ESPN2 at 8 p.m. PDT.

– jennifer

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